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Making Of: Instigator "152"

Playing all three instruments, triggering lights, and recording at the same time was tough, but it taught me a lot about automation.


- Red Dragon 5k

- Edelkrone Head Plus Pro with Slider


- Custom Arduino AC outlet controller

- Phillips Hue Bulbs

- Projector with Critter and Guitari sound activated video synth


- 4 way splitter (to strobe controller, projector, and speakers)

Designing the lighting was fun for this project. I used a custom Arduino controller to separate the high, mid, and low range frequency from the audio and attenuate the power running to each strobe. Each of the three versions of myself had a different strobe at a different frequency to achieve the hologram effect. Phillips hue bulbs were used to get varying shades of blue and white for the atmosphere. Finally I used a fog machine (which I'm pretty sure gave me bronchitis) with a hand controller for more atmosphere. A projector showing a video synth shot through a fresnel lens was used to light the drummer.

This project arose from a need to learn how to use the Edelkrone motion control rig. I wanted to push it to the max and find the limitations, and I did. Motor speed and music sync were two very specific ones that I found.

The Process

For all six takes, two of each position, the process was the same.

1. Press play on the music triggering a 4 bar count off.

2. Trigger the pre programmed Edelkrone sequence at 2 bars.

3. Get into position and perform.

4. Edit together in Premiere pro with rough masks, opacity, and adjustment layers.


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