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Quarantine Cooking Show EP1

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

We filmed a few of these episodes from a house out in the sticks where we were lucky enough to be able to escape the initial craziness before SF shelter in place took effect. Stores were empty and there were no people nearby to infect us. It was great.

In episode one we tackle some fish with what we have laying around the house. They didn't have any of the stuff we usually get at the grocery store. Here are the steps: 1. Pick a protein 2. Soak in an oil based sauce of your choosing 3. Add whatever spices you have laying around 4. Chop some veggies 5. Add some flair with spices and fat 6. wrap in a foil packet. 7. Cook veggies until soft (about 15 minutes) 8. Add fish and cook until it's still a little raw (8-10 minutes) 9. Remove from heat and let it rest. 10. Enjoy. Next week we're cooking a Cinco de Mayo dish from our far less equipped San Francisco apartment. We haven't been shopping in 2 weeks so let's hope the shelves are more stocked and we can find some good ingredients.

Stay safe out there!


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